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Precision Marble manufactures shower bases, shower pans, tub replacements, lavatories, tub surrounds,  slabs, seats, trim and other  accessories to your specifications in almost any size, shape, and color, for your new or remodeled bathroom needs.



Quartz is popular material for kitchen countertops. There are many reasons which make it the best choice, due to various color pattern availability, its durability, and sustainable material. They are engineered to be sleek and beautiful.  It is durable, nonporous and scratch resistant.

These quartz countertops are made of small pieces of quartz by bounding them together in a non-porous resin.  As they are not natural and are man-made, people also call them manufactured countertops. They can easily be made in any shape or design required to fit in your kitchen countertop.

They are comprised of natural minerals and should not be called a natural stone product.  They are built quartz mineral, and are synthetic in the way they are created. Some of them also have recycled products to improve the color of quartz countertops. It is the second richest mineral available in the earth’s crust.

Quartz countertops are harder than any other natural stone, like granite, and is also crack resistant.  It doesn’t get chipped or broken easily, which makes it ideal for kitchen use. As it has resin mixed in it, you will not be required to seal them before use.  Its shining and smooth surface makes quartz resistant to etching and staining.  Quartz is also bacteria-proof and is the most sanitized countertop option available.

You can add any type of color in quartz countertops during its manufacturing process. You have many varieties to choose from and can easily match them with your kitchen interior decor. You can also add metallic or glass look to them. Quartz is so useful, that it can give any look you desire to your kitchen, and always an elegant and warm look and feel.

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