Granite Products


Permanence, elegance, beauty. Because stone is natural creation from nature, every piece is individual. Every counter, wall or mantle is as unique as a fingerprint or a face. Whether you are remodeling your home or constructing a new residence or business, natural stone adds unparalleled individuality, beauty and a feeling every human being desires: connection.


Granite Countertops are one of the best types of countertops for any home. The abuse from children, heat or other elements found in the kitchen or bathroom will not be able to harm your granite countertops. Granite is a hard, durable surface that has already survived many of the elements on earth today. It is very hard to scratch granite and granite will not burn.

Granite Counter tops can easily update or freshen the look of any home. Each granite counter top slab is unlike the next. Although there are many granite slabs of the same granite color, slab color can still vary in pattern, lightness or darkness of color, or veining. Your granite counter tops will be unique to your home, easily matching your decor and being the envy of your guests.


Bullnose Edge:
Any type of bull nose shape on a counter top edge will make wiping crumbs a bit more difficult. We’re sure you may have experienced this! A bull nose is a good shape for safety concerns, as it’s rounded edge makes bumping into it less dangerous, and less painful.

Eased Edge:
An eased counter top edge is easy to wipe crumbs from. Like the name implies, it is chiseled to create a softer edge than a completely square one, which prevents “ouchies” from accidentally running into it. Having a softened edge to a square counter top also greatly reduces chances of chipping or breaking, which is more common with square edges.

Beveled Edge:
Beveled edge counter tops are considered slightly outdated by most people; although it is everyone’s personal preference. A beveled edge is a fancy leveled square design. Beveled edges usually lack curvature in their designs.

Other Edges:
Other counter tops edges are basically your preference in design and look. If your family has children, or you are concerned with safety, a more rounded edge design like a bullnose or ogee may be more practical. In conclusion, the more intricate design there is, usually leads to more complicated cleaning with more nooks and crannies for bacteria to hide. Intricate designs in counter top edges also leads to higher fabrication costs.